What to Expect


We understand how intimidating it can be to visit a new church. Hopefully, the questions and answers below will make your visit with us a little more comfortable. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or if there are ways we can help you plan your visit with us.

I am usually uncomfortable visiting a different church for the first time. Will I feel welcomed at HCC?

We hope so! We do our best to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, and to make your time at HCC the best hour of your week.

Based on your history and location, are you an “old country church”?

HCC is more about the people than the place. We have people from larger and smaller communities; people who live in neighborhoods and people who don’t. No matter the setting in which you live there are people at HCC much like you with whom you might connect.

How can you help my children know God? (What does HCC provide for children?)

We love your children. We may not even know them yet, but we love them. We want them to discover God and what life with God is about at the earliest possible time in their lives. So we design environments specifically with them in mind. On Sunday mornings, we have TinyTown for infants-age 3 and KidzWorship for ages 4-5th grade. Vibe is the program for grades 6-12 and meets once a month.

Do you expect visitors to join the church right away?

We want you to discover God and what life with God is about. We know that is a very personal journey, a process that takes time. So our desire is that you engage and connect at your own pace. We have plenty of opportunities for next steps but we will never pressure you into taking one.

There are so many churches in our community. Why should I visit HCC?

The most important thing to us is that you find a place to connect with God and engage in life with God. We would love to be a part of that journey with you and hope you will check us out.

Do you have a Covid response protocol?

HCC cares about keeping everyone as safe and healthy as possible. You can view our protocol by clicking HERE.


Mission is about what the church is to do, the job God has given the church. In reality, though it may be worded differently in different contexts, the mission of every church is the same. The way HCC phrases that mission is to invite people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


Vision is an organization specific representation of the mission. In other words, it’s how we do it here. The way we “do church” at HCC is to create a healthy church where people become wholehearted followers of Jesus.


  • People matter to us because people matter to God.
  • God loves people just as they are but too much to leave them there & followers of Jesus should be involved in reaching those who matter to God.
  • God-honoring relationships with others should permeate the life of whole-hearted Jesus-followers.
  • The church is entrusted with the greatest message in all of history and should communicate that message in culturally relevant and creative ways.
  • Life is complex, church shouldn’t be. The church should be marked with clarity, focus and alignment to honor God and engage people.