HCC Students

Inviting Middle and High School Students into a Growing Relationship with Jesus Christ

Vibe is an intentional place for middle and high school students to catch the “vibe” of relationship with God and others.

The middle and senior high years present challenges that no other stages of life present. With these challenges, great opportunity exists to invite students into a growing relationship with Jesus.

At Vibe, we strive to create safe environments for students to explore how their lives and the things of God intersect.

CnCt Groups

CnCt (“Connect”) Groups are one of those environments.  Vibe CnCt groups connects an adult with a small group of middle and high school students to journey together to discover more about who God is and what life with God is about.

CnCT Groups strive to meet twice a month, coordinating schedules of the adult and students. Adults also stay connected to students throughout the weeks when CnCt groups do not meet.

BLAST Nights

Vibe BLAST Nights are environments designed primarily to just gather together and have a blast. BLAST Nights are generally scheduled once a month.

Because we recognize that safety & security is of primary concern, every adult who serves through Vibe must complete a background check process and maintain ministry safeguards put in place.

7 CheckPoints

“7 CheckPoints” is an intentional, systematic approach to providing middle and high school students the truths and tools to thrive after high school. The 7 CheckPoints focus on the “irreducible minimums” students should know in terms of spiritual development. They are not all that is important, but they are foundationally important for students.

CheckPoint #1 – Personal Trust
God can be trusted and He will do everything he has promised.

CheckPoint #2 – True Freedom
True freedom comes through living within God’s purposes.

CheckPoint #3 – Spiritual Practices
When you see as God sees, you will do as God does.

CheckPoint #4 — Godly Boundaries
We must protect our lives by living within God’s parameters.

CheckPoint #5 – Influential Relationships
Your friends will influence your decisions and the standards you choose.

CheckPoint #6 – Wise Decisions
Wise decisions involve more than simply choosing between right and wrong.

CheckPoint #7 –- Personal Impact
Your life impacts others and your influence matters.

Vibe’s Elements

The following elements pull together to make Vibe a place where middle and high schoolers discover the vibe of relationship with God and others.

Main Thing
A simple statement that focuses the theme for an entire series.

Bottom Line
A simple statement that focuses the theme for a specific topic or program night.

Core Question
A question that challenges students to consider how the bottom line applies to their daily lives.

Vibe Verse
A primary Bible verse that students are encouraged to embed in their hearts and minds.