Inviting people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ

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As we express our love to God and to others, we believe that it changes our perspective of the world around us.


By spending time with others growing in our love for God, we learn and understand how Jesus reacted and responded to the world around Him.


Serving causes us to focus our attention on others around us. We begin to see the world through the eyes of Jesus and react and respond with grace and empathy.

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Blessing Box

By HCC’s Park

A Blessing Box is available for those in need. Located by the playground on HCC’s campus.
Donations for the Blessing Box are always welcome.

Easter at HCC


Good Friday and Easter information will be coming soon.


Little Library

By HCC’s Park


The Little Library has books available for all ages to choose from.

Have a book you no longer want, place it in the Little Library for someone else.




2023 Start to Finish

10:00 am In-Person & Online

There was once a man who had 12 sons, but it was clear that one of those sons was the favorite.  As we might imagine, that didn’t set well with the other 11, so they took some extreme measures that eventually put the favored brother in a tough spot.

There was once a man who had an employee so trustworthy he kept nothing from him or worried about nothing placed in his charge.  But all that would change after the employer’s wife became so infatuated with the employee she took extreme measures that eventually put the trusted employee in a tough spot.

There was once a man who found himself in a tough spot more than once in life – yet in and through every tough spot, he managed to live as if God was with him, even when it seemed like he wasn’t.

It’s safe to say he wasn’t the only one who ever found himself in a tough spot; and as challenging as it is sometimes, it is possible to live as if God is with us – even when it seems like he isn’t.