Inviting people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ

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As we express our love to God and to others, we believe that it changes our perspective of the world around us.


By spending time with others growing in our love for God, we learn and understand how Jesus reacted and responded to the world around Him.


Serving causes us to focus our attention on others around us. We begin to see the world through the eyes of Jesus and react and respond with grace and empathy.

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Blessing Box

By HCC’s Park

A Blessing Box is available for those in need. Located by the playground on HCC’s campus.
Donations for the Blessing Box are always welcome.

HCC’s COVID Response Document


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Pleasant Hill Playground

and Shelter House

Found on HCC grounds, this park has plenty of shade and a picnic table. The Little Library sits beside the park, feel free to find a book or place one in for someone else.

The shelter house can be rented! Call the office for more information.




Home for Christmas

10:00 am In-Person & Online

Home can create more joy than anything else, and home can be associated with more pain than anything else. Home is actually quite a hard word to define. It’s not just where you live. There may be a building where your body stays, but you wouldn’t call it home. Home is a place where you’re supposed to belong. Home is a place where you’re supposed to be safe. Home is a place where love is supposed to prevail. But we live in a world that isn’t safe and where everybody feels excluded and where love doesn’t prevail. It turns out that our longing for home, our homesickness is something that this world cannot satisfy.  In the story of the first Christmas, we discover the path to the home of God’s love for people like us.