Christmas Heritage

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Matthew opens his account of Jesus’ life with a genealogy to prove that Jesus is a descendant of both King David and Abraham, just as the Old Testament had predicted.  Though this “one small child” was the one the Jews had waited for to rescue them, they rejected him because they didn’t believe in who Jesus was.  Though he was rejected, Jesus was not swayed away from what he came to – redeem sin & provide the path to restore right relationship with God.  Who would have thought that this one small child could have ever delivered such big results?  God did – and because God did, Jesus did it – and because Jesus did it, we can believe it – and because we can believe it, we can be redeemed and restored.

Christmas Lights

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Jesus’ early follower, John tells us that when Jesus left up there to come down here, people didn’t recognize who he was.  In fact, the Jewish people outright rejected Jesus.  It’s not like the way wasn’t prepared for Jesus’ arrival.  It had been predicted throughout Israel’s history and a guy known as John the Baptist went around telling people Jesus was on his way.  Despite the advance and current notice, it was as if people simply turned off the light of the world.  It still happens today – how can the trend be reversed?

Christmas Eve



I came to earth so you would know my love for you

Took on flesh so you could know me

But my presence would only be revealed to those who sought after me

The humble, the outsider, the seeker.